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    In this short video Lorie and her husband Dean share a little of their family story and the journey that God took them on! It is a powerful reminder of how we can count on God to go after His children! Lorie loves to share this story with various groups to bring hope to those who are praying for ‘wanderers’ in their own lives. Be blessed!


  • 100 Huntley St presents ‘Spiritual Warfare’ Session One

    Are you living in ‘reality’? Or simply overwhelmed by circumstances? 100 Huntley St. aired Part 1 of a 4 part teaching series on Spiritual Warfare where I am teaching a short lessons from my FINDING FREEDOM Bible Study.

    Things are not always as they seem! You can find freedom right in the middle of the mess when you Wake Up to the reality of Spiritual Warfare! Share this with others that need courage and perspective.

  • 100 Huntley St presents ‘Prepare for Spiritual Warfare’ Session Two

    Have you ever wondered if the enemy has access to you as a believer and to what extent?
    This short teaching segment could answer a critical question regarding the role of the demonic in a believers life and how you can have power and freedom from his schemes! Watch this teaching segment and learn how you can shut the door to the enemies schemes.
  • 100 Huntley St presents ‘Spiritual Warfare’ Session Three

    Does God hear your prayers? Does he see your pain? In this short teaching segment I share more of what I learned in my 4 part teaching series on 100 Huntley St. This will encourage you to keep on praying!
  • 100 Huntley St presents ‘Spiritual Warfare’ Session Four

    Freedom comes in the middle of the battle… in the middle of the mess! How do you find ‘joy’ in the mess? Watch this! This is the 4th part in a 4 part series on 100 Huntley St. TV.
  • Hartshorn Boys Brought Back to Faith Through Family Prayer

    I had the privilege of interviewing my boys on Crossroads TV. They share their stories of addiction and running from God and how Jesus came after them and set them free!

    Pass this along to individuals and families that need hope and healing in their pain. Jesus is ALL Powerful! His love is Great!

    Embed not available but you can watch here: http://100huntley.com/watch?id=218718


    Lorie’s sons reveal how they found freedom.


    CLICK HERE for a copy of the Closing Prayer from the FINDING FREEDOM CONFERENCE

  • 100 Huntley St: Lorie Hartshorn Choose to Stand Strong

    Embed no longer available, but you can watch here: http://crossroads360.com/article-lorie-hartshorn-choose-to-stand-strong/220597

    Speaker, author and teacher Lorie Hartshorn never imagined that she would be the mom with three kids that ran from their faith in Jesus and get entangled in drugs and parties. Yet, as she chose to surrender her own agenda and trust God, she saw Jesus working through her situation.

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