Lorie Hartshorn

Event Planning – Planning a Women’s Conference or Retreat – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions on hiring a Christian Woman Speaker or a Keynote Speaker for your next Christian conference or event.

Are you interested in having christian woman speaker Lorie Hartshorn come and speak at your event?

In this section you’ll find answers to some of the most frequent questions christian speaker Lorie gets asked.

  • What kind of events does Lorie speak at?

    As one of the leading Christian woman keynote speakers in Canada, Lorie speaks at many types of events.  She is usually a keynote speaker at Conferences or Retreats.  She also speaks on Sunday mornings at her home church as one of the teaching Discipleship Pastors at C4 Church in Ajax, Ontario, Canada.  Occasionally she speaks at other churches to their congregations on a Sunday morning but has limited availability due to her Pastoral role at C4 Church.  As a women of faith speaker, Lorie also speaks at ladies events either as part of a special evening or a day- time gathering.
  • Does she do Workshops?

    Lorie is a Workshop Specialist providing training in leadership and team development.   As a workshop specialist with TV Ontario she traveled Ontario training teachers with Media.  She has limited availability for workshops due to her Pastoral role and family commitments.
  • Does Lorie travel internationally as a christian speaker?

    Lorie speaks nationally across Canada as well in the United States.  She has also taught internationally as the Director of Advancement for EQUIP Leadership Canada.
  • Is Lorie available for Television and Radio?

    As a christian speaker, Lorie has much experience with speaking in various media settings.  She began working with the media as a host and trainer for TV Ontario.  She has done interviews on Canadian National Television with both CTS and Crossroads TV as well as The 700 Club TV show.  She is comfortable doing interviews as well as teaching segments.

    To view Lorie’s TV segments go to the MEDIA tab.

  • What are the topics that bible teacher Lorie speaks on?

    Lorie is a dynamic Bible teacher bringing the Word of God to life.  You can see her main teaching topics here (click to topic page).  Her main focus is helping women and men gain greater understanding of the reality of spiritual warfare and the power of prayer.  Her messages bring biblical insight along with hope and healing to life’s difficulties.
  • Will Lorie give her best-selling FINDING FREEDOM bible teaching series at our event?

    Yes.  The message of FINDING FREEDOM has been released in a DVD Bible Study Series that is being sold internationally.   Here is an idea of the theme addressed as well as an example of a 3 -session approach for either a One Day Conference setting or a Retreat.


    Description:   Spiritual warfare is real so get prepared!

    In the three sessions, Lorie shares her story of struggle.  Teenagers running from God, addiction, hopelessness and fear  – what was happening to her family?  Feeling attacked by the enemy, without fully knowing how to respond, she describes this time as a wake up call in her life.  ‘Spiritual warfare was real and I wasn’t prepared’.

    Lorie’s dynamic teaching will take you on a journey to freedom, through powerful storytelling and teaching from God’s Word.  She will equip you to face 4 tactics of the enemy and provide you with powerful weapons of warfare to engage in battle, so that you too can FIND FREEDOM…right in the middle of the battle you are facing!

    Rich with biblical teaching and an inspiring story, FINDING FREEDOM will equip you to:

    • Break free from Isolation and experience deep satisfaction by inviting others to your journey
    • Refuse to let fear hold you back and push through to the victory on the other side
    • Learn the secret to shutting the door on the enemy and release the power of Christ in you
    • Be empowered to keep going when you feel like giving up or giving in
    • Know the hidden power of prayer and wield it with life changing effectiveness
    • Replace hopelessness over a hurting relationship with hope for restoration

    THREE SESSION TITLES – Can also be given in TWO SESSIONS

    Session 1:  TRAPPED!

    Session 2:  YOU ARE A HOUSE!

    Session 3:  DON’T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN… Unleash the POWER of PRAYER!

    In FINDING FREEDOM she shares her story of teenage children, how does this relate to those that are not married or have young children?

    Although Lorie share’s authentically the story of her family her primary emphasis is on teaching the Word of God and the truth of spiritual warfare, Christian parenting, and the power of prayer.  This message relates to ALL ages and stages and is vital to both men and women.  Lorie relates well with people of all ages when she speaks.  She is sensitive and aware of who is in her audience with a desire to connect to each one with the powerful biblical truths she shares.

  • We have a theme for our event and it’s not in her list of topics. Will she accommodate us?

    Lorie is a very experienced Christian speaker that is preparing new messages on an on-going basis.  She is open to your requests, however, due to the time required for preparation and her busy teaching and pastoral role she limits these types of requests.  She will prayerfully consider each request.

  • What are Lorie’s speaking fees?

    Lorie’s fees are set depending upon the type of event and the distance she has to travel. Her fees are set taking into account the amount of preparation that goes into each event, the amount of time away from her family, and the time spent at the event.  She does accept a limited number of events from churches or organizations that cannot afford her honorarium, after prayerful consideration.  She also believes that her local area is part of her local ministry, and so she is more lenient in the Toronto East area with her fees.

    For Lorie’s fee structure fill out a booking form or contact form.  You will receive an email within 3 days with details of her booking fees.

    Lorie prayerfully considers each invitation to speak.  She will contact the event leader to discuss the purpose of the event, the audience that will be addressed and what you would most like for those that attend.  It is her desire that she serves with generosity of spirit towards each group.  She also values your feedback regarding any of the process, from booking to follow up from the event.

  • Does Lorie have other expenses along with her speaking fees?

    Travel Expenses:  We ask that the event committee cover all of Lorie’s travel expenses, including mileage at 50 cents/km, or airfare where applicable. When an overnight stay is necessary, we ask for Lorie’s meals and hotels to be reimbursed.  Lorie is open to staying in a home to save on hotel expenses where needed.
  • What if we can’t afford Lorie’s fee?

    Lorie adjusts her fee’s providing a minimum fee to smaller groups.  Most events work out to $10-$15 per person depending on the numbers.  She also encourages groups to invite other area churches to come together for the event where appropriate.

  • Does Lorie have a travel or ministry partner?

    Lorie often brings a ministry partner with her to various events to assist her as well to support the committee and organizers by taking care of Lorie’s book table and also providing ministry and prayer for those that attend.  Lorie simply asks that her ministry partner attend the event free of charge.  She is willing to cover food expenses where necessary, like in a retreat setting.
  • Which Airport does Lorie fly out of?

    When traveling within Canada, she flies out of Toronto, Pearson International Airport.  If traveling in the United States, Lorie can fly out of the Buffalo, NY Airport, if this saves on airfare.
  • When we book Lorie how are the details of the event managed?

    You will receive a Letter of Understanding outlining all the details of the event asking the event organizer to complete any missing details.  Both parties agree on the details outlined.   This will keep everyone on the ‘same page’.
  • How far ahead do we need to book Lorie?

    Lorie is usually booking 9-12 months in advance.  Feel free to ask as she may have some openings available.
  • We are looking at a number of Christian speakers, and don’t know if we want to book Lorie. We would simply like some information and to know if she is available. What should we do?

    Please fill out a Booking Form and ask any questions you need to.  She will respond within a few days to let you know if she is available for your dates.  You can also view Christian woman speaker, Lorie’s teaching segment videos under the Aired on TV tab.
  • What does Christian conference speaker Lorie require during the event?

    Lorie will need a table approximately 6 feet long for a book table, which will be placed in a prominent position with room for a floor stand to be positioned beside the table.  One volunteer will help Lorie man the table so that she is free to talk and pray with participants.

    Audio Video Support:  Lorie will also require audio video support.  She prefers to speak with a hands free microphone (clip on or over the ear) as this frees her up to connect with the audience and move more freely in her delivery.  She also requires the ability to play video where appropriate.

  • Does Lorie provide anything for the event or conference to support her teaching?

    Lorie often has a handout for participants to follow along and take notes from her sessions.  She will provide the handout to the organizers free of charge.  They will be responsible for printing the required amount needed.

    When teaching FINDING FREEDOM Lorie will be providing:

    Lorie will provide a note-taking guide to the participants for taking notes during the session.
    Lorie will provide power point slides to go along with each presentation.
    Lorie will provide short video segments with each session
    Lorie will supply discussion questions for small groups after the sessions if desired.

    NOTE:  The guide and discussion questions will be provided free of charge to the organizers in the form of a digital document for them to print the number of required copies for the participants (approx. 10 pages of printing per person).

    OPTIONAL:  If the organizers would prefer to not do their own printing and provide each participant with a FINDING FREEDOM GUIDEBOOK (75 pg. that includes the note-taking guide, discussion questions as well as a bible study for additional study following the weekend).  Lorie will provide a hard-copy FINDING FREEDOM GUIDEBOOK at the discounted cost of $7.00/person ($10 regular price)

    This may be something that is optional for the participants to purchase on their own as a keepsake of the retreat and enhanced study as a follow up to the retreat.  See example on Lorie’s website www.loriehartshorn.com/product/finding-freedom-guidebook/

  • What tips can you give us for planning our event?

    PRAY, PRAY , PRAY!  Be sure to have a prayer team that is both in preparation for the gathering as well as ready to serve and pray throughout the gathering.

    ADVERTISE well in advance.   Lorie will provide a description for the topic, her bio and photos to help you advertise and invite others.

  • Can we meet with Lorie prior to our event?

    Due to the heavy demands on Lorie’s schedule, she prefers not to meet prior to an event.  She is very happy to connect by phone to discuss details of the event.


If you have any more questions for Christian woman speaker Lorie that have not been answered here please feel free to Contact Lorie today.