Lorie Hartshorn


Want to live an ‘epic’ life?

We all desire to live ‘epic’ lives!  There’s so much pressure in our media driven culture to have the ultimate Facebook post or live a life of adventure and accomplishments, but, so much of my life can feel ordinary and often feel like it simply doesn’t ‘
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Why Me? How to face a storm.

No-one is free of storms, so what do we do when we’re in one?  Scream and panic!  Throw ourselves overboard! Probably…but there must be a better way?! Life is full of storms – from marriage to kid trouble – financial stress to friendship woes! Storms are unavoi
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Have you lost your courage?

Maybe you’ve never considered yourself a courageous person but would like to gain some.  Maybe you were once courageous and wonder where you lost it? Even one of the most courageous people we know from scripture – David- had times when he lost his courage.  Surprised by th
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Are you ‘white knuckling’ it?

We were recently on a family vacation and spent a few days in the Magic of Disney World.  My kids love rides!  We all do.  When I think of ‘white knuckling it’ I recall gripping onto the bar on a roller coaster…loving the thrill but at the same time …not letting go! Can you relate?  I
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Family Favourite Taco Dip!

  My friend Cara made this dip one night and we were all instantly hooked!  Eat it hot or cold! This is a hassle-free delicious option when you’re bringing an appetizer to a party or serving it up at home. Just add some Nacho Chips for dipping and you’re good to go. 
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